We are constantly renovating ourselves because developing experiences throughout Brazil is our true passion.

In Aniyami, we dedicate a significant part of our annual budget to scouting and increasing our knowledge about the country. On our visits, reliable partners are carefully selected as well as expert guides are sought in all destinations. We work hard together to develop and deliver original and innovative services that meet your traveler's needs, all throughout the Brazilian territory.

In the past, we have created our own itineraries in destinations such as Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo and Salvador, along with expeditions in Bahia, Pantanal, Maranhao and Amazonas. For us, the word Aniyami means the start of an adventure, to discover and share new sensations and experiences...

Ensuring quality in Brazil is a challenge, but it is also our commitment.

We are committed to quality in every respect, but also seeking to provide a personalized service to your clients. This is why someone from Aniyami DMC Central Office always get in touch with your travelers on their arrival welcoming them into the country. We reconfirm all clients' services every day, monitoring the operation very carefully. We also provide the travelers a 24-hour telephone support, always with the local support of our specialized guides at each destination.

At the end of their trip, we collect feedback from travelers, allowing us to improve our product and operational services, and also to make decisions together with our client agencies and our entire network of collaborators. Since Aniyami started, over 95% answered yes to the questions "Have you met the expectations of the trip?" "Would you come back to Brazil?" and "Would you recommend this trip to friends and relatives?"

Eco-Social responsibility generates better experiences for travelers and local communities.

Despite brazilians' happiness, its natural beauty and its cultural richness, Brazil still undergoes great social inequalities in most of the territory. In this context, it is important for us to work with responsible tourism principles, so we have developed our own initiatives together with guides, travelers and also with local communities by actively collaborating with social development projects and environmental preservation.

We also share this responsibility with travelers, offering activities that enable them to actively participate in social projects so they are educated with a different reality in Brazil. Our role is to place the traveler within those experiences, and later his own initiative needs to do the rest.

At Aniyami DMC you will have the necessary support to increase your sales to Brazil.

We are a tour operator specialized in Brazil offering incoming services only to international travel agents and tour operators. It has been more than 10 years transmitting our passion for Brazil to travel agencies. With them, we work closely together in designing their own trips to Brazil. We also provide support at the sales stage with fast quotation and bookings confirmations. And finally, we monitor travel operation and traveler's feedback.

With the aim of reinforcing communication with our clients, we have invested to provide premium content through our private website. There, agents can see their bookings, customer feedback and advanced content for each destination, with maps, photos and weather information. Our philosophy is based on establishing a relationship with agents that exceeds the merely commercial, building friendships that will certainly help each trip become an unforgettable experience for travelers.

We take care of every detail in order to connect the traveler with the essence of the country.

Although we offer conventional incoming services, we specialize in trips to Brazil where tourists have real contact with the country, with its extraordinary culture and nature. Our goal is to create, communicate and operate responsible and quality travel experiences in Brazil.

At Aniyami DMC we consider many details when preparing the travel experience for your clients. We recommend activities that lead travelers to unexplored destinations and encourage interaction with local Brazilian communities; we carefully choose local accommodation of each region, whether pousadas, fazendas, native houses or boutique hotels. We spend time and effort with the selection and training of our guides, whom we consider to play a central role in every trip, for their proximity to the traveler and the local community. For us, it is through this craftwork that we manage to connect the traveler with the essence of the country.

Aniyami DMC, The Brazil Travel Experience!

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